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Using clear, easy-to-understand terminology, a Certified Service Consultant then walks you through the results so you know exactly what’s going on with your vehicle.

Our Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and Mopar experts perform a Vehicle Health Check, as required by your Owner’s Manual every 12,000 km. It’s a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle that helps you protect yourself and your automotive investment. What the certified service experts look for during a vehicle health check:

Tire Wear

You trust your tires to keep you on the road, and us to make sure they’re balanced, aligned and in excellent order.


The brake systems including lines, hoses parking brake and measurements of the front and rear linings are inspected.

Remaining engine oil life

Helpful when approaching your next oil change, this inspection determines the vehicle’s remaining oil life percentage.

Wiper blades and glass condition

To avoid possible damage, the windshield is inspected with the front and rear wiper blades, making sure they work when needed.

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